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::Phase Transfer Catalyst::

Products Cas no:
Benzyl Triethyl Ammonium Chloride 56-37-1
Benzyl Tributyl Ammonium Bromide 25316-59-0
Benzyl Tributyl Ammonium Chloride 23616-79-7
Ethyl Tributyl Ammonium Chloride  
Tetra butyl Ammonium Bromide 1643-19-2
Tetra butyl Ammonium Iodide 311-28-4
Tetra butyl Ammonium Hydrogen Sulphate 32503-27-8
Tetraethyl Ammonium Hydrogen Sulphate 16873-13-5
Tetra butyl Ammonium Acetate 10534-59-5
Tetra octyl Ammonium Bromide 14866-33-2
Tetra propyl Ammonium Bromide 1941-30-6
Tetraethyl Ammonium Bromide 71-91-0
Ethyl Triphenyl phosphonium Bromide 1530-32-1


Note:Products protected by valid patents are not offered for sale in countries where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement and its liability is at buyer’s risk.